Review: Trapped In Silver by Emily Sowden


Title: Trapped In Silver
Series: The Eldryn Chronicles
Author: Emily Sowden
Genre: Fantasy/Young Adult
Publication Date: February 7th, 2017
Publisher: Oftomes Publishing
Source: Oftomes Publishing
Rating: ★★★★☆4/5


SYNOPSIS: To seventeen-year-old Ava, wild woodcats, hungry stragglers, and simple-minded townsfolk are the evils she’s grown accustomed to. But when Ethan, an unusual man with eyes of smoke and fire opal, enters her world she quickly understands that there are worse things out there than drunken men and carnivorous forest creatures. Ava is a specialised liar and a hell of a fighter, but against a group of animalistic men called Berserkers she struggles to survive the encounter as the desperate swing of a dagger is all it takes to change her life for good. Ava escapes the pursuit in an unfamiliar land full of impossible creatures, unlikely allies, and the man she doesn’t know whether to kiss or kill. Quickly Ava becomes involved in a centuries-long war and begins to unravel the reasons behind her relentless nightmares, discovering truths long-buried in a violent history of love, loss and betrayal.

When I started reading this book I wasn’t sure what to expect, I thought it had potential to be a great story if written right, and it definitely was! It was obvious from the beginning of the book that a lot of thought had been put in the world-building of this trilogy, consisting of detailed myths, background stories, odd creatures and an interesting history the story was going to build on.

The thing that stood out the most for me however was how well the characters, in particular Ava, were written. I thought Ava was such an interesting character, portrayed as a stubborn and loud-mouthed girl but not in an over exaggerated and annoying way. In addition to the characters being well written, they were also very much real. Ava was, as she should be, written as a real person with flaws, a girl who comes from an incredibly difficult background. As Ava works on their families farm to pay for their expenses while her father is away, having to switch between herself and her alter-ego Cedar and dealing with her brother who’s closed off and seems to have several secrets of his own, life is not easy. On top of that, even though Ava has to come to terms with a lot of terrifying and overwhelming information in a short period of time, she doesn’t become the fantasy cliche of the girl turned into warrior within the first 20 pages. Ava is much more than a one dimensional character consisting of oneliners, even though hers could be incredibly funny at times. Likewise I enjoyed all the other characters just as much as I got to know more about them and their quirks each chapter, their different background stories and relationship with each-other makes the world-building aspect in this book come to life even more.

I have to admit that I thought the start of the book was quite difficult to get into, as it is a pretty slow paced book in general but as soon as I really started to understand the story, which took me some chapters, I just flew through the pages. Something I didn’t like too much about this book however were the visions and dreams Ava had especially in the beginning. I thought they were usually too long and didn’t really add to the story that much. I also need to add that I hope the next book in this series, doesn’t put too much focus on the relationship between Ava and Ethan, as this is something that fantasy themed stories usually do and I don’t often enjoy when it starts to become the overwhelming story line of the book. In the end however, I thought this was a well written original addition to the fantasy/young adult genre and I would definitely recommend this to people who want to read a new take on a fantasy cliche, and to everyone who appreciates thorough world-building.

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(NOTE: this book has been given to me by Oftomes publishing in exchange for an honest review.)


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